Clan Bookkeep is concerned with getting knowledge. They strive to collect old tombs, artifacts, and weapons. Some spend countless hours in a library, well others are there to go the next dungeon crawl. Some discover through magic and study, others by working the street. But don’t mistake them for the stuffy mage type, locked away in seclusion, they are well aware of the world around them.

Bookkeep actively keeps with local politics of Appleton. They have several members constantly lobbying the local government, as well on two people on the council, including the current Chair of Magical governess. They control a great deal of what magic can and cannot be used in the city. The Cerebrates also seek their advice on tactical warfare, and knowledge of history.

Bookkeep has little use for other clans, but is not outright hostile towards them. They realize the value of a temporary alliance when dungeon crawling (as long as they get any items of historical value), and are happy to exchange information (if the price is right). They also will repay a debt to another clan, or use them to do less meaningful jobs.

Clan Feats

Smart Fighting You’ve trained yourself to use brains and brawns in battle. Prerequisite: Intelligence 13, BAB +5 Benefit: Once per day as a free auction you can add your intelligence modifier to your attack roll and damage until the beginning of your next attack. You can take this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. You instead get another use of this feat. A fighter may take this as a bonus feat.

Smart Substation You can quickly change metamagic feats you’ve prepared on a spell. Prerequisite: Any two Metamagic feats. Benefit: When you prepare a spell with a metamagic feat, you can swap that metamagic feat for one of an equal or lower bonus. You cannot add two metamagic feats of a lower level to add up to you’re prepared one. Melody prepares a Quickened Fireball. When she sees a large number of trolls coming after her she decides she needs a Maximized one instead.

Smart Mastery You are so certain of a skill you can do it constantly even under difficult circumstances. p.Prerequisite: 10 Ranks in a skill, and Skill Focus in that skill. p.Benefit: When you take this feat you chose a skill you have 10 ranks in, and Skill Focus. You can take 10 on that skill check even if stress and distractions would normally prevent you form doing so. p.Special: You cannot take this feat for any skills that you cannot do untrained. You can gain this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new skill.

Key Places:

Tomb Stone Landing: The main Clanhouse is in Lower Cliffpike Crossing. It is built into the cliff side and has reasonable lodgings. It sports an impressive library (only second to Valaorine) as well as detailed maps of the area, and a historical recording of the ancient teachings of the elder druids, also known as the druid histories (only second to the church of Martel).

This is also where most of the high level clan meetings take place. They remodeled a large room, formally used as a dining hall when dwarfs still mined coal in the Cliffside, into a meeting room. The center of the room is dominated by a large, round, oak, table, with 28 oak seats around it. There are also four holes in the table, 10ft form each compass point, with chairs built into them. Finally there is a 5” diameter circle in the middle that can be teleported into.

There are 29 members of the council as well as 4 recorders. The four records sit in the compass points, recording everything word for word. One member always has to be in the middle bringing up a proposition, suggestion, law etc, asking for a vote of confidence. The other 28 members vote if to pass the amendment or not. A vote my have a 70% confidence rate (20 members) to pass. The speaker cannot vote on a proposition.

The rest of the room, in a well kept, but unmarked room. A simple clan symbol hangs on each compass point. A small underground river was modified to flow over this room to prevent most divination. When meetings are being held there are also 4 spellcasters on each side scrying for divination.


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